Dear Bhoys


The Italian Celtic supporters club, ‘The Italian Celts’, was officially inaugurated on 5 September 2007.  Our club is officially affiliated to the association which unites Celtic supporters clubs throughout the world. The idea behind the club is to bring together all those who have the interests of the ‘green and whites’ at heart, making available and information blog ‘Memocelts’ for informative interaction, providing, at the same time, useful information for anyone wanting to follow Celtic in Scotland or in Europe, with the benefit of being able to have encounters enabling you to speak privately from the heart about our club. The founder members are: (in alphabetical order) Alessandro Boretti, Roberto Longobardi, Roberto Ruggieri and Max Troiani.


We would ask all those who would intend joining to read our constitution (ask for it by email at italiancelts@yahoo.it) and to abide by it. This idea is born of a long standing passion for Celtic, which had arisen in the past with the creation of two Celtic supporters clubs, the first as long ago as 1990 called the ‘ Packie Bonner number 1 CSC’ and the second in 1993 called ‘The Italian Bhoys CSC’. We hope that the’ green and white’ passion can expand beyond our circle of friendship and last as long as possible.


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