Hail Hail bhoys and girls, here you can find all the gadget about The Italian Celts CSC.

Scarf: € 15,00

T-Shirt:  €  15,00



Badge: € 5,00 (sold out)




9 thoughts on “Merchandising

  1. Ciao,

    che ne pensate a fare dei cappelli Italian Celts (baseball caps)?
    O pure uno di quelle felpe/giacche che ho visto tanti altri CSC hanno?
    Sarebbe ottimo!!!!

  2. At this moment, we’ve just scarves but we’re planning to do other (pennants, badges, t-shirts/polo’s and more), keep in touch.
    Hail ! Hail ! Hail !

  3. Hello there comrades,i live in Bristol,England.Althought i am a Scotsman expat as they say.I do go to a lot of home games in Paradise.
    I am a member of the Global hoops csc.You can find us on take a look .We exstend the hand of friendship.
    Also could i take the oppertunity to ask about the possibility of buying one of your club badges.

    Hail Hail,UP THE TIC,

  4. Hi,

    I’m working on a book “We Are Celtic Supporters” about Celtic fans all over the world. I’m travelling to Rome next month and am looking to meet up with an Italian Celtic supporter who could tell me more about the Italian CSC for a short interview.

    Hail, hail


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