The Italian Connection Tournament

The Italian Connection Tournament

In 2003, 80.000 Celtic supporters made the trip to Seville and, for their behaviour, their unique way to support Celtic they deserved the Fair Play Award that Fifa and Uefa awarded to Celtic Fc as all you know.

Ten years later The Italian Celts took part in the first edition of “The Italian Connection”, a tournament between the Italian branches of supporters of 16 British Team and they won the Fair Play Award for the behaviour on the pitch and during the whole tournament even outside the pitch itself.

The tournament was played in Milan Saturday, June 1st and 16 teams were represented by their Italian supporters: Aston Villa, Southampton, West Ham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Ipswich, Manchester City, Everton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds, Liverpool, Qpr, Stoke City and obviously Celtic.

The Hoops were represented by 12 Bhoys all of them members of The Italian Celts, (the Italian Celtic supporters’ club officially recognized by the Csa) whose president is Alessandro Boretti: Alessandro Girola, Alessandro Meneghini, Carmelo Mobilia, Danilo Filipas, Emanuele Bossalini, Fabio Errico, Fabio Rinaldi, Giuseppe Maiorana, Luca Errico, Paolo Costantini, Paolo Dessì and Pietro Redaelli. The Italian Celts received the trophy for the Fair Play Awards from the hands of Vic Annells, British Consul in Milan and cheered with him with a very funny huddle.

Another very important moment for us, was the post-match with the Latin Lions, official Italian branch of Aston Villa: together we took a picture showing a poster and a jersey of Stan Petrov. The Latin Lions have already sent the picture to Aston Villa who will forward the picture to Stan himself. It would be great if, even Celtic View will publish the picture and send it to Stan to demonstrate the support of The Italian Celts and all the Celtic supporters all over the world.

 As for the tournament, The Italian Celts gained the 10th position among all the 16 supporters’ branches: after two defeats against Southampton and Aston Villa, the Celts gained a point with a 0-0 against West Ham. Then The Italian Celts defeated Leeds and Stoke City and lost only against Chelsea for their 10th place.



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