1st Meeting of  ” The Italian Celts CSC “

Florence – March 29, 2008

Here are the thoughts of a president, who after this meet-up felt even more honoured to be so, for the simple act of shaking hands, the friendly backslapping, the exchange of many a joke, though not with everyone present (for this I apologise, it was not out of lack of respect but the frenetic tempo of the day and lack of time prevented me from getting to chat to all present – I remember at least 3-4 guys who I didn’t even say hi to – even a person from Ascoli I think…I again apologise). However even the meeting up with others in the morning to head out in the mini bus was really good fun thanks to the happy exuberance of Bifo and Diego. Add to them the ‘madness’ of the owner of the mini bus, Massimo, the last minute arrival of Thommylow and the smiling faces of Sara and Irene (our Scottish member, so lovely a person too). The journey was spent watching a few DVDs about the history of Celtic which had Bifo and the others even more pleasantly astonished. The stop at the auto grill on the motorway in order to pick up Jimmyglesga with his amazing collection of Celtic scarves and a well deserved snack of bread, salami and beer aided our increasing adrenaline as we got closer to Florence. Finally we arrived at the pub, the first people we met, the handshaking, the smiling faces, all of these made the day unforgettable. I happily remember the joke played on Bifo, as well as the fact that we behaved completely polite and civilised so as to present ourselves as ‘true’ Celtic fans (others should use this as a good example for themselves – I want to say that as I knew of the responsibility on my shoulders and can proudly hold my head high). The final score was painful for all of us, our faces even in defeat kept the happiness of (finally) getting to meet one another from all over Italy( and showed how wrong are those who say that when football brings us together we become rabid animals in our behaviour).
There is no point in saying it really but I will reiterate it again anyway, my work will continue on this road that we have started on: we will do our utmost to achieve our next objective: to travel to Glasgow as a group in the 2008/2009 season.
All the pics of this fantastic day are on : http://celticfc.forumfree.it/?t=26595366
Hail Hail
Boretim – President of The Italian Celts CSC

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