Five years have passed from the day when four supporters, desperately in love with one of the most famous football team in the world, who in 1967 managed to win the European Cup (now called Champions League), decided to create again a supporter club which could unite all the supporters and people interested in Celtic Football Club in Italy.

From that day hundreds of people have joined the supporter club in which the love and the passion for Celtic (that, for the great majority of us, is more than just a football club)  live together with our commitment in some solidarity project. This union between passion and solidarity toward people who have less than others is the same which animates everyone at Celtic football club since 1888.

This are also our values, from our first meeting at Finnegan’s pub in Florence, where more than 20 members of the club paraded through the streets of Dante Alighieri’s home town singing “You’ll never walk alone”  to the superb days we spent in the beautiful and evocative medieval town of Barga, in Tuscany. In this small town, which resembles Scotland, but is situated in Garfagnana, a part of Tuscany, every year we organize the official meeting of The Italian Celts Csc and of the other Celtic supporters club active in Italy.

The day in which our supporter club was born was not for chance. Actually we chose September 5th because it was the day in which a “bhoy”, the goalkeeper John Thompson, still in his twenties,  died after he was hit on his head by a opponent during a match against Rangers. We are talking about the thirties of the past century.

From the day the supporter club was born we have organized also a lot of trips to Glasgow and Celtic Park and also to “Friuli Stadium” in Udine to see the Europa League game against Udinese.

Today you can read all the news related to our club on our official website, our forum and our Facebook fanpage, you can watch videos on our multimedia channel on Youtube, you can admire our gadgets and, also we still organize many events like meetings or trips to Glasgow. Everything is possible thanks to the unlimited and unrestrained passion that the various members of the Csc dedicate to the Csc itself and Celtic. It’s only because of this passion that we manage to get these goals and every day, week and month we do our best to do and get even more.

At the beginning we were just four people, but now our supporters club has more than 150 members. We have more than 1000 fans on our official Facebook page and when we organize a meeting or a trip to Scotland the participants are at least 15 and, in some case, they are more than 30.

These numbers make us very proud and they make us understand the high attention and interest around the Csc, but, most of all, around Celtic.

In short: our passion goes beyond any football match’s result and focuses especially on the will to spend time together, to get to know each other and to have fun. For this reasons we are happy to support Celtic.

So happy birthday The Italian Celts and, most of all, live long wearing the hoops!!

Hail Hail.


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