We begin 2008 in the sign of the hope and we begin it with an interview with Luca Santonocito, the young Italian centralmidfielder, that since september of the last year has gone to reinforce the Italian presence in the Bhoys. Thanks Luca for your availability during the christmas festivities and we predict that 2008  will be rich with success in the hope that flag of the glorious Celtic can become one.

How are you doing with the language?

With the language good, I understand nearly everything that is said to me, when speaking I have still some difficulty even if it will not be long till that improves. On the pitch I makes myself understood well.

How do you understand the technical terms of the Pitch?

As I integrated myself with them, consequently I learned the technical terms and the ways to communicate with the team, aided by gestures like in Italy.

Which difference is between our training and theirs?

The Italians are above all based on technique and tactics and with the rhythm of game; the Scots there is less technique and tactics, a lot more physical and stamina training, the training is always relaxed and happy. Moreover, I train myself every day except Wednesday, I have two games at the weekend, and some days the training sessions are both morning and afternoon, other times in the gym.

How are relationships with the technical staff and management?

They are THE BEST, Willie McStay, reserve team coach, together with Strachan want to work with the reserve squad, but through necessity and success against Rangers, I  have played with all of the three teams, and I think that would possibly happened still however, in my comparison they have a great respect.

Have you found any differences, and which, between the youth sector of Celtic and that of Italians?

Obviously, it’s an other structure, an other organization, also the relationship between trainers and players is diverse, much more on the student level, for an example we joke lots with the coach,  there isn’t much tension and where there is it is a lot reduced. This creates a calm atmosphere.

What pushed you to make the important decision to leave Italy for Scotland?

First, the fact that they have seen me in Italy and they deliberately made  me do a trial , the result of which you know. Moreover I come from Inter, squad of great level, but they prefer foreigners over the national students where I played, even though less than a year. This point I have accepted with joy and the awareness of what was happening to me, promising not to disappoint anyone, from here my promise, if possible to become one that makes it at Celtic.

From the comparisons that surely will have been made, who that have seen you play, to who  are you similar to game style?

I think that I do not to know to how to give an answer, because when someone compared me to some player that I know only from the name and at my age, have not been able to see them, would not know to express a judgment, I have not been identified with anyone even currently, if I could resemble anyone, someone like Rossi, a complete player from my point of view.


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