3rd Meeting of  “The Italian Celts CSC”

Barga- April 17/18,  2010

Dear Bhoys and Ghirls here I am again to comment our meeting which, first thing that spreads to my mind, is already finished.
In spite of that, going back to those moments, it seems like yesterday and so it’ll be for a long time.
I’ll always have the impression that everything really happened yesterday, and I hold the illusion that this next saturday we’ll meet again at Paologasse.
Arranging a friends meeting is never easy and therefore I want to thank our secretary Roberto Longobardi for working since last october with self-abnegation to reach this goal.
Another big thanks for the barga bhoys who were extremely welcoming. Thanks to all of the people who came for the atmosphere they managed to create and for being able to involve even people who don’t really know what Celtic is about.
This is part of our spirit and I am very proud to represent you because this is my spirit as well. A spirit that must unite in the name of Celtic and that turns into cheerfulness and solidarity.
The best thing for those who surf the web is giving face to people who they talk with on daily basis. Much to my regret some of them,who could’ve been there to share that wonderful atmosphere, weren’t actually there.
We know and respect each other, hence my wish, shared by the board, is that our spirit was kept without being notched by losses, let downs, or by those discussions that can sometimes happen when such passionate people are involved.
Havin seen how we spent last week togheter, I wish that this feeling that we share towards our hoops could help us becoming a family.

Hail Hail from the board

Barga CSC Official website: http://www.bargacsc.com/



  1. You are a family my fellow Tims ,we all are.
    We dont become celtic supporters we are born celtic supporters,some just take a little time to find the way home.
    Ghod bless you all,
    You will never walk alone.

    Let The People Sing.
    Hail Hail

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