2nd Meeting of  “The Italian Celts CSC”

Rome – February 14/15,  2009

When i received the proposal for held the Annual General Meeting in Roma, honestly i was put in difficult to sign for my presence, as i’m marriage with 2 children. Luckily I was there and now I can show my happiness to meet old and new friends and mix up with all of them passion and joy for Celtic during these 3 days.

Say Thanks is nothing in compare of your achievements about the meeting you have done, but for me say only and simply Thanks is everything, as shake your hands to received everyone who get into our big Celtic family.

I leave off names and nicknames as I could forget many of bhoys there, but it ‘will stay on me for ever your faces and smiles, but overall our meeting, a sign whom shows that if Italian’ style football support divides, Celtic Glasgow Fc joins. And this the aim of our club.

All the pictures on the:

Hail Hail

Alessandro “Boretim” Boretti – President of The Italian Celts CSC


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