Daniele Giordano, 17 years old from Poggioreale (Naples) joined few months ago Celtic Fc, coming from Lecce youth team.

Q: Daniele, how did you join Celtic Fc?

A: I played four years with Lecce, but during the last season I didn’t feel good so the only way to go away was to choose a foreign team. Many teams, both from England and from Spain were interested, but in the end I chose Celtic, because I think this is the team in which I can show all my qualities better then anywhere else.

Q: What can you tell us about your first days in Glasgow? Were they hard? It’s a city a bit different from the ones you were used to live in.

A: Well, it’s difficult at the beginning. The first big difference is surely the climate. Then, obviously, the language. But I am improving with my English.

Q: What about Celtic Fc? How did they welcome you?

A: Celtic Fc is organized very well, but one thing in particolar impressed me: the people. They are very very kind. I must say I have never met before people who are so kind. I was welcomed in a wonderful way.

Q: Then, tell us something about your relationship with your team mates.

A: It’ all right. They welcomed me very well and since the first day of training they considered me one of them.

Q: Now are you the first goalkeeper of the Youth Team?

A: Yes, now I am the first goalkeeper of the team. My coach is Stephen Woods and I have a very good relationship with him.

Q: Did you know anything about Celtic Fc before joining the club?

A: Yes, I knew something, but not very well. Now I can say everything is very beautiful here.

Q: Have you heard about the big rivalry between Celtic Fc and Rangers?

A: Yes. My team mates told me something. It’s a big rivalry that exist in every single league, from the youth leagues to the Scottish Premier League.

Q: Have you met Massimo Donati? What has he told you?

A: Yes. I have met him. He is a very kind person, and he has said to me that, if I need something, I will be happy to help me.

Q: Have you already been at Celtic Park?

A: It’s a theatre. Another wonderful place is Lennoxtown.

Q: A last question: do you play also for an Italian National Youth Team?

A: Yes. I play with the Under 18 Team.


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