Happy Birthday!!!

One year is not a long time in life, but in our life of Celts means a lot. Even, allow me to say that it means everything. So, thanks to our forum online, thanks to Celtic, our team that makes us go crazy or makes us happy but, most of all, allow us to stay all together as a big family. As happens in every family, then, everyone has his own opinion, gets angry, is moved to tears, especially when one of our hero leaves the team, or jumps for joy for every hard-earned victory; our birthday is all these things together and even more. I want to make a praise to all the people who do a lot of things for the forum and the club and don’t receive anything back. Only, but it’s a very important thing, they increase their and our passion for Celtic, a passion that by now it’s part of us and we have in our blood. Secondly, I wish that both the forum and the club, that is our big family, will continue for a long time and that this can make us grow up not only as football supporters but also as men. Finally I want to thank with all my heart Max Troiani from Rome, the first person who published online our blog “Memocelts”.

Boretim. President of The Italian Celts Csc.


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