Yesterday was a fantastic day for all the people who went to the Paradise: Celtic legends who won the Spl title in 1998, in fact, returned to dress the Hoops and to play a match on the field of the Celtic Park. They met again not only to remember a team-mate, who passed away tragically at the beginning of the year, but most of all, a great man: Phil O’Donnell.

Yesterday the memory of Phil wasn’t the only one, because another memory came across with it: the memory of another great legend of the Bhoys, Tommy Burns, who passed away only few weeks ago. To these two magnificient people, everybody wanted to give indeed a special farewell. In a “sold-out” Celtic Park, everybody was able to admire the deeds of these champions who faced Phil’s last team: Motherwell.

People could also admire King Henrik Larsson, once again on the field of the Celtic Park dressing the hoops. The same Larsson, despite he isn’t a youngster anymore, will defend the colours of his national team during Euro2008. Also our honorary president, Enrico Annoni, participated in this marvellous day. The match, for the chronicle, ended with the victory of Celtic legends 5-1. Goals were scored by Weighorst 10, Larsson 24, Brattbakk 30, 36 and Jackson 91.

These are the line-ups:

CELTIC LEGENDS (4-4-2) Gould (Kerr 41, Marshall 62); Boyd (McNamara 62), Reiper (MacKay 36), Annoni (Reiper 51, McLaughlin 56), Johnson (McKinlay 46); McNamara (Donnelly 36, Brattbakk 75), Burley, Lambert (McKenna 67, Johnson 82)), Weighorst; Larsson (McKenna 7), Brattbakk (Jackson 36).
MOTHERWELL LEGENDS (4-4-2) Woods (Dijkstra 30); Griffin (Wishart 10, O’Neill 62, Boyd 70), McCart (Martin 3), McKinnon (Angus 84); Clarkson (Leitch 46), Angus (Dolan 38), Patterson (Philliben 15, Patterson 25), Nijholt (Balmer 56, O’Donnell 67, Ferguson 82), McFadden (O’Donnell 6, Kirk 28); Arnott (Coyne 30, Clarkson 67, Kirk 82), Ferguson (McGrillen 34, Arnott 73).

On our spaces you can admire a lot of photos of this wonderful day.



  1. What a fantastic end to a season. I was at the game and the emotion everyone felt from the weeks previous, spilled out at that game. Phil and Tommy dying, winning the league, Rangers losing in the finals, and our Larsson putting on the Hoops for one more time. The playing of Mac the Knife for Tommy and Phil’s nephew’s song praising his uncle’s skill as a player and his personality as a man was all we needed to appreciate what a wonderful team we have in Celtic. It was a fantastic day, the weather was beautiful ( unusual for Glasgow) and it was a good family day. There were babies in their parents arms and young toddlers enjoying themselves. The parading of the Cup was a lovely end to the season. After the game all the bars were packed to capacity with everyone singing and laughing. It was a day to remember. Eternal rest to all Celtic players who are now gone but not forgotten. YNWA

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