Who would have said it! Raise his hand who was among the protesters and doesn’t hide himself.. Because everyone can be wrong, but the main thing is to admitt to be wrong. Especially in our great family of Celtic supporters. It isn’t in my nature to speak badly of someone:most of all, if that someone is someone who belongs to our loved club. Chapeau to wee Gordon, to whom goes the greatest worth; behind him all the players who have contributed to this great come-back that only on March 29 (so, less than 60 days ago) seemed a chimera. It remembers me the come-back of 1986 on the Hearts. Even that year, it ended in this way: our rivals defeated 2-0 and the Celtic supporters rejoycing on the terraces. And who would have said it. In 1978 when for the first time I took coscience of the “Celtic world” reading, for curiosity, the Panini football almanac? Who would have said it, that after 30 years, I would be still here, rejoicing with a community of “crazy” Italian Celtic supporters? Who would have said it, that, only few days ago, I was nearly crying because of a player who dies during the best years of his life? Who would have said it, that this morning I would be able to see the joy, the happiness of my 4-year old daughter that embraces me, wearing her Celtic jeans and tells me: “Daddy, Celtic has won. Do you know?”. Sometimes I think about the strangeness of certain passions, but then I think a little bit more and I am happy because strangeness has in itself the joy of sharing something, of knowing new faces, of living new experiences, of laughing, suffering, even crying all together as a family. A great family. The great family of Celtic.




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