Football is a wonderful sport: football gives you joys and satisfactions, but football can also take away titles you think you can conquered. We were crying at the end of the 2004/2005 Spl season, when a gol scored by Scott McDonald gave the title to the Rangers. Last night, on the other hand, we were shouting all our joy for the title, the third in a row, for our beloved Celtic. The Bhoys were playing their last match at Tannadice Park, against Dundee United, while Rangers were playing at Aberdeen, at Pittodrie. We won 1-0, they lost 2-0 and the title come back to Paradise. What a night…

Celtic played the match with the same eleven players who defeated the Hibs. Celtic began the match trying to score with McGeady and Barry Robson, but also Dundee United played pretty well. After the first half the result was 0-0, but also at Pittodrie Rangers didn’t score. So Celtic were still ahead, because of a better goal difference, of the rivals.

At the beginning of the second half Celtic tried again to score the goal which could secure the third Spl title in a row. The goal, however, didn’t come from Tannadice Park, but from Pittodrie: it was munute 66 and the goal we are talking about wasn’t scored by the Rangers, but by Aberdeen. 1-0 for the men in Reds and, at Tannadice Park, Celtic supporters could express all their joy. The title, at that point, was very near: and to bring the title even nearer for Gordon Strachan’s men was an impressive header by Vennegor of Hesseling, at minute 71, after a corner beated by Paul Hartley. The joy at that point was complete, and the party was already starter when Aberdeen at minute 77 scored the second goal. Celtic supporters at Tannadice Park began singing, shouting and jumping till the final whistle and (obviosly) also after the match. At the end of the match also the players’ party could start: and the first thought of all the players, Gordon Strachan and all the Celtic people went to Tommy Burns. Strachan called all his players in a big, wonderful huddle and thanked them for the season and the Spl title. It’s three in a row, the Spl number 42 in Celtic history, and it comes after a great come-back (with seven victories in the last seven match) against Rangers. And who was one of the heroes of this came-back? Scott McDonald, the same Scott McDonald who “stole” from Celtic’s hands the Spl title in 2004/2005. A come-back, and a victory which are dedicated to the memories of Tommy Burns and Phil O’Donnell, two of the great Celtic family.

And, last but not least, this is also the first Spl title for us, The Italian Celts, and so our joy is a double joy. Thanks to everybody, because, at the beginning of the season, nobody was thinking that, in the end, he would have been here celebrating the Spl title with a lot of other people who love the hoops.


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