Bulletin (n°1) – 4 October 2007,  The Board


 With considerable regret and total aversion this club condemns the stupid gesture of that fan (even if it gives us pain to call him such) who ran on to the pitch during the Champions league game between Celtic and AC Milan and struck the Milan keeper. As much as we can, we feel obliged to apologise to the Italian club for the harm done, which will damage the reputation of our club and those million (in a manner of speaking) fans who follow Celtic throughout the world. Unfortunately, this episode indelibly stains the reputation which the supporters of the Scottish club have maintained and shown with pride wherever the club is engaged, also having attained the recognition of the ‘fair play’ award on the international stage. We don’t care about the footballing facts, the penalty or any sanctions which will be justifiably visited upon us. It must be emphasised that this act breaks all the rules which we have always respected and which we believe makes football a party for us all. To play at the level of competition offered by the Champions League for Celtic and their fans is an honour of the highest relevance; on the day when we recall the anniversary of the first satellite in space which subsequently ought to have enabled mankind to take off from earth, to be part of this act brings us back to earth with a bump and endless pain.



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